BIPOC for SoCal Museums


Anti-Racist Imperatives for Southern California Museums

In solidarity with our peers in New York City, Switzerland, New Orleans, and elsewhere who have spoken out against ongoing racist practices within public and private arts organizations in their regions, and the larger global cultural movement led by #BlackLivesMatter to tear down strongholds of white supremacy, we the undersigned call on Southern California arts organizations to take immediate steps to reflect the ethnic, racial, and class makeup of the region and to eradicate entrenched white supremacist assumptions and practices from our midst.

Emerging from the popular movement to topple racist monuments and the wider push for civil rights now, we are holding arts institutions accountable. Our critiques are focused on institutions where cultural items and practices are held and interpreted, chiefly museums, but also public arts agencies and arts academia. We are seeking immediate acts of disengagement with racist social systems including police and defense contractors, and divestment from racist collections and attitudes within institutions.

As current and former salaried and contract employees, interns, community partners, and volunteers at Southern California arts institutions, we know firsthand the difficulty of making our voices heard when institutional culture chronically ignores, co-opts or minimizes our demands for equity. This form of gaslighting, which is rampant in local institutions, is profoundly damaging to arts workers of color, particularly generationally poor Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC). Our coalition includes Black, Indigenous, Latinx, South and West Asian and Asian Pacific Islander American arts workers attempting to navigate a system that denies the value of our professional expertise and our cultural competency in addressing our varied audiences. 

We have participated in countless meetings, focus groups, and strategic planning sessions, juggling conflicting demands to find that our participation does not bring an end to extractive practices or structural barriers. We have repeatedly demanded that our input and experiences be primary considerations when policy decisions are made — only to find that these policies consistently dehumanize and disenfranchise us. We are committed leaders of community-based programming who understand that the museum needs to belong entirely to the community and not segregate social impact work outside of its mission to commission, present, and preserve art and culture. We have paid out of pocket for degrees in order to qualify for decision-making roles with the potential to impact internal structural change and perspectives beyond those that have been historically dominant. Instead, we frequently find our community-based values are not honored with adequate resources of budget and staffing support to implement our vision-setting and strategic thinking. 

We have watched as museum after museum passed us over for employment in our fields of expertise, preferring to import arts workers of color who have been professionally active only outside Southern California. We have seen BlPOC leaders who belong in senior curatorial positions or the executive suite marginalized, terminated, or suspended in roles they are overqualified for and bypassed for promotion in favor of candidates from outside the institution and the region.

We object to the presentation of education and outreach programs to funders and the public as a substitute for diversified exhibitions, collections, and staff. We have watched our institutions move into spaces vacated by struggling BIPOC businesses within landscapes of gentrification. We have listened to these institutions offer diversity statements and display performative allyship as a token gesture while simultaneously displacing entities that provide vital community resources, but can no longer afford the rent. We have seen Southern California museums embrace overseas wars for oil, pander to reactionary elements within immigrant communities, and conspire with corporate developers, police, and governmental authorities including members of the current US administration, whose actions are wreaking havoc on communities of color worldwide. These imperialist actions perpetrated by a privileged few reveal a devastating and insidious disregard for the rights of the many.

We demand that Southern California museums: 

1) Acknowledge that museums are born from a worldwide theft of land, labor, and cultural property. Respect stolen Indigenous land, pay direct reparations to the present-day inheritors of looted land and resources, and disassociate from climate bad actors

2) Rewrite institutional mission statements to center anti-racist and anti-white supremacist work, including the internal work of divesting from military-industrial complex funding and the hiring of county and city police departments for security

3) Restructure collecting and exhibition practices to lift up the narratives of BIPOC communities, and return contested items and ancestors

4) Adopt preferential hiring of BIPOC arts workers for all openings, including decision-making roles such as executive director and chief curator, with emphasis on including members of locally embedded and historically excluded Black and Indigenous communities

5) Actively push to equalize the size of staff, budget, salary, and real estate resources commanded by BIPOC staff and leadership, by adopting transparency around salaries, departmental budgets, and hiring 

6) End the practice of hiring through exclusive private networks and calls to “vetted” institutions, which prioritize elite networks and legacies of privilege

7) Form dedicated collectors’ circles populated and led exclusively by BIPOC arts patrons and arts workers as part of strategic plans to expand access to collections and programs for BIPOC, differently-abled and under-represented audiences

8) For arts funders, cease to accept diversity, equity, and inclusion statements that focus on “what we will do” and instead evaluate organizations for funding on actions already taken, working collectively with institutions and community leaders to shift the arts funding paradigm from ticket sales, foundation and individual support to a national comprehensive investment in arts and culture and its institutions

9) Commit to including BIPOC artists and community leaders, not just business interests, on institutional boards, and implementing measures such as sliding-scale donations and remote access to meetings in order to foster greater economic and generational access

10) Appoint an executive officer at the senior staff level for institutions with over 10 full- or part-time employees to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion measures including overhaul of existing human resources practices, a comprehensive salary review, a review of accessibility practices, and the investigation of past terminations and departures of staff of color

11) Appoint a Board committee of intergenerational community members, led by an officer at the Board executive level, to maintain accountability for anti-racist policies and diversity, equity, and inclusion improvements

12)  Provide educational subsidies, alternative educational opportunities, and career pathways commensurate with an educational degree for front-of-house, temporary, and entry-level employees and volunteers to obtain credentials required for compensation and promotion within the field and their institutions 

13) End exploitative labor practices, which include: unpaid internships, over-reliance on volunteers, extreme pay disparities between executive and frontline staff, and salary discrepancies between arts workers and comparably skilled and credentialed workers outside the arts

14) End tokenism and the facade of “inclusion” perpetuated by contracting BIPOC creatives on an occasional basis to teach and speak and program on race and repatriation without true institutional equity, and instead create internal mentorship programs for senior staff to invest in BIPOC mid-level and junior staff

15) Introduce full transparency on how public funds are being used to create racial equity within the institution, including clear and enforceable guidelines on appropriate use of consultants

16) Adopt an approach to career pathways for artists and arts workers that begins with treating K-12 participants in educational public programs as potential future artists and arts workers and offering them a ladder of opportunity to enter and thrive in the field

17) Divest from artists with a history of racism or violence, create an action plan for return of collections rooted in cultural theft, and abandon market-based values that preference existing biases toward cis white heterosexual male artists

18) Divest from gentrifying practices such as partnering with developers to make large institutional real estate purchases in economically impacted BIPOC communities

19) Create an action plan to reduce institutional resource drain, including cutting international travel and shipping, reliance on new construction materials, and energy use

20) Recognize the interconnections of colonization, environmental degradation, and BIPOC exploitation by taking urgent action to combat climate change and its impacts and develop programming that envisions equitable, sustainable, inclusive and just futures

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Co-authors highlighted in BOLD

Anuradha Vikram, UCLA and USC, Los Angeles, CA

Erika Hirugami, MAAB, Los Angeles, CA

Bhavna Mehta, San Diego, CA

Irina Contreras, Los Angeles, CA

Angel Chen, Joshua Tree Society for Art & Living, Joshua Tree, CA

Neha Choksi, Inglewood, CA

Daniela Lieja Quintanar, LACE, Los Angeles, CA

April Bey, Los Angeles, CA

jill moniz, phd, Los Angeles, CA

Maryam Hosseinzadeh, Los Angeles, CA

Evelyn Serrano, CalArts and LFCSA, Los Angeles, CA

Phung Huynh, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles, CA

Badly Licked Bear, Los Angeles, CA

Michael Olivarez, Glendale, CA

Mercedes Dorame, Tovaangar (Los Angeles), CA

Joel Garcia, Meztli Projects, Los Angeles, CA

Idurre Alonso, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Sharon Mizota, South Pasadena, CA

Holly Tempo, Inglewood, CA

Amitis Motevalli, Los Angeles, CA

Selene Preciado, Getty Foundation, Los Angeles, CA

Lissa Corona, San Diego, CA

Gazelle Samizay, Los Angeles, CA

Nathalie Sanchez, Los Angeles, CA

Kio Griffith, Los Angeles, CA

Bill Kelley, Jr., Los Angeles, CA

Holly M. Crawford, El Segundo, CA

Theresa Sotto, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Nina Waisman, Los Angeles, CA

Kim Richter, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Laleña Vellanoweth, Los Angeles, CA

Carol Cheh, Los Angeles, CA

Namita Gupta Wiggers, Warren Wilson College, Portland, OR

Daniel Spaulding, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Edgar Fabián Frías, Los Angeles, CA

Dinah Poellnitz, Oceanside, CA

Jordan Amirkhani, American University, Washington, DC

Dushko Petrovich, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL

Heather Powers, Warren Wilson College, Camden, SC

Michael Sakamoto, UMass Amherst, Amherst, MA

Brian Fleetwood, Institute of American Indian Arts, Santa Fe, NM

Daniel Mack, Bricks and Glitter, Toronto, Ontario

Steven L. Anderson, Day and Night Projects, Atlanta, GA

Veronica dejesus, Los Angeles, CA

Charlie Derr, Simon’s Rock College of Bard

Linta Kunnathuparambil, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Jasmine Orpilla, Los Angeles, CA

Gary Cannone, Los Angeles, CA

Lauren McDaniel, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Kristy Lovich, MFA, UC Irvine, Art Center College of Design, Los Angeles, CA

Kelly Williams, Los Angeles, CA

Yvonne Lee, Pasadena, CA

Kelly Davis, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Sasha Ali, Los Angeles, CA

Betty Avila, Self Help Graphics and Art, Los Angeles, CA

Paul Pescador, Los Angeles, CA

Nizan Shaked, California State University Long Beach, Huntington Beach, CA

Iñigo Salto Santamaría, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Ruth Evans Lane, J. Paul Getty Trust, Los Angeles, CA

Svea Lin Soll, Berkeley, CA

Melinda Guillén, San Diego, CA

Bean Gilsdorf, Portland, OR

Robert O Herbst, Llano Del Rio Collective, Los Angeles, CA

Vishal Jugdeo, UCLA Dept of Art, Los Angeles, CA

Santhi Kavuri-Bauer, San Francisco, CA

Beverly E Naidus, CSULB campus and UW Tacoma (retired), Tacoma, WA

Jennifer Kim, Los Angeles, CA

Suzy Halajian, Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer Cernada, formerly at LACMA, Tempe, AZ

Alison O’Daniel, California College of the Arts, Alameda, CA

Camilla Taylor, Los Angeles, CA

Nadia Chrisanto, Los Angeles, CA

Michael Hanson, Cypress College, Cypress, CA

Lily Doan, Los Angeles, CA

Nateene Diu, Los Angeles, CA

Magdalena Solano, Los Angeles, CA

Anne Bray, LA Freewaves, Los Angeles, CA

J Michael Walker, Los Angeles, CA

Luciana Abait, Los Angeles, CA

Erin K. Jue, Los Angeles, CA

Michal Wisniowski, Altadena, CA

Beto González, Los Angeles, CA

Labkhand Olfatmanesh, Los Angeles, CA

Yvonne M. Moultrie, Caliber Beta Academy, Oakland, CA

Gladys Preciado, LACMA, Chino, CA

Michelle Juliette Carr, Los Angeles, CA

Janna Avner, Torrance Art Museum, Los Angeles, CA

Sheila Malone, Ontario, CA

Alma Ruiz, Los Angeles, CA

Jillian McDonald, Pace University, Brooklyn, NY

James MacDevitt, Cerritos College Art Gallery, Norwalk, CA

Liz Miller Kovacs, Los Angeles, CA

Yrneh Gabon Brown, 18th Street Arts Center, Los Angeles CA

Tyler Cohen, San Francisco, CA

Erich Wise, Pomona, CA

S Surface, Seattle, WA

Arianna Torres, San Diego, CA

Vanessa Canas, Anaheim, CA

Krystal Boehlert, Pasadena, CA

Andy Campbell, USC – Roski School of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA

Rebekah Frank, San Francisco, CA

Tate Shoebridge, Los Angeles, CA

Juliana Rico, Fullerton, CA

Jesse Vasquez, UC Davis, Sacramento, CA

Peter Wu, Los Angeles, CA

Amir Nikravan, Pasadena, CA

Sophia Allison, Los Angeles, CA

Heather Lowe, Los Angeles, CA

Sandra de la Loza, Los Angeles, CA

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Michael Trigilio, UC San Diego Visual Arts, San Diego, CA

Ken Ehrlich, Los Angeles, CA

christy roberts berkowitz, University of La Verne, Upland, CA

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franchezska delilah zamora, East Los Angeles, CA

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Mandy Palasik, Los Angeles, CA

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Gina Hall, Smith College Museum of Art, Northampton, MA

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Lili Flores Raygoza, Los Angeles, CA

Alyson Blum, San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego, CA

Chantal Wnuk, Former San Diego Museum of Art guard / working artist, San Diego, CA

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Catherine Gonzalez, Bonphilosophia, Los Angeles, CA

Agata Gravante, Los Angeles, CA

Lylliam Posadas, Los Angeles, CA

Ara Oshagan, Glendale, CA

Gustavo Martinez, UCLA, Gardena, CA

Rosa Palermo, Former MOCA Apprentice, Brooklyn, NY

Cindy Vallejo, Visitor engagement Lead, MOCA, Gardena, CA

Zeina Baltagi, Los Angeles, CA

Devon McKnight, Greensboro, SC

Hannah Grossman, Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Williams, Los Angeles, CA

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Bryce Dwyer, Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA

Haley Penn, Los Angeles, CA

Todd Lerew, Los Angeles, CA

Jennifer Payan, Los Angeles, CA

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Alessandra Moctezuma, San Diego, CA

Aileen Painter-Kim, Los Angeles, CA